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Your Branded Experience


Our platform works with your brand and design. From websites to apps, directory boards to campaigns we give you a custom branded experience. Our software is designed from the ground up to work with any design and template. Pick from one of our amazing designs or work with us to come up with something that best reflects your brand and center. Don’t let one app define your entire brand with a generic solution, Mall Maverick combines the reach of your brand with the power of our software.

One System...One Solution


Our award winning content management system (CMS) has been build specifically for your industry. Experience the enormous benefits of managing your center's content in one place and updating all your digital channels at once. From store locations to store promotions and more, our CMS updates your websites, apps, directory boards and social content all at once so you can stay focused on your center's message.

Responsive Websites


Whether it’s a full desktop browser, tablet or smart phone, our responsive design platform adapts to your users devise of choice. Our team of web engineers have build the most powerful web tools in this industry that offer the very best in flexibility and design. We use the latest html5 technologies so your platforms runs great everywhere. No Silverlight, no flash....no fuss.

Native Mobile Applications


No one has produced more native application on iOS, Android and Blackberry for the shopping center indusry than the Mall Maverick team. Our advanced frameworks are the best in the business and applying your brand and design to our frameworks is quick and easy. Leverage the power of push notifications and user experience with amazing native applications.

Digital Directory Boards


Our Digital Directory Boards offers the modern experience your patrons will love. With dynamic updates, interactive screens, and beautiful touch displays the experience is designed to impress. Never worry about your directory boards being out of date as Mall Maverick can update them in real time. Feel the power of a consistent design and brand message across all your channels.

Other Great Features

  • Update Once, Publish Everywhere

    Updating center maps, store directories, promos and more is not only easy....but updates instantly accross all your digital channels saving you time and money.
  • Retailer Login

    Allow your retailers to update content and promotions themselves while giving you full access to approve or decline any updates.
  • Anayltics

    Access insightful reports for your center that show usage for all your digital channels. Experience deep anaytical context from our team of experts with detailed monthly reports and real time access.
  • Multi Center

    Our system is designed to run multiple centers in your company's portfio. Experience huge savings and markeing optimization by leveraging a common set of templates, campaigns, and assets accross your portfolio of centers.
  • Live Chat Feature

    This App and Website feature allows shoppers to send questions to a live Customer Service Representative located inside the shopping center. The Live Chat customized dashboard allows the feature to be turned on and off to accommodate availability, as well as categorize in-coming messages.
  • Routing and Waypoint Finding

    Provides accurate routing from store to store so your users always know their way. Try our new routing solution here.
  • Advanced Push Notifications

    Boost message relevancy and improve your push messaging strategy by giving users the ability to choose their favorite stores to get specific notifications.
  • Social Media Integration

    Our CMS not only integrates with all your digital channels, but all your social channels as well. Automatically update Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more with one click when you update your center's content.
  • 3rd Party Integration

    Have an existing website or system with the data you need in your app or website? No problem, our sophisticated set of adapters can integrate with most systems and data formats.
  • Marketing Intern Feature

    This feature will pull promotions from a center’s national retailers, and enter them directly into your websites promotional pages. This keeps users engaged and allows administrators to focus on more important things.
  • Campaigns and Contests

    Create campaigns and contests in a snap with our easy to use online tools. Publish in realtime to all your digital channels and access results and usage in realtime.
  • Digital Board Media

    Our Digital Directory Boards leverage the most modern technologies so you can integrate any message relevant to your center. Talk to us about media partnerships to drive revenues to your bottom line.
  • Loyalty and Gift Card Programs

    Talk to us about our Loyalty and Gift Card programs. Whether it's creating a new program or integrating with an existing one we have the tools and experience to make it happen.
  • Email Newsletters and Marketing

    Deliver the most compelling email campaigns in the industry. Put the power of a single CRM & CMS to work by offering rich emails to your users and offer a unique channel to your retailers.

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